Secondary Suite Incentive Program

Beginning in April 2024, the Province, through BC Housing, will introduce the Secondary Suite Incentive Program (SSIP).

The SSIP will be a three-year pilot program to provide conditional financial assistance to help homeowners construct long-term affordable rental units, including secondary suites and/or ADUs, attached or detached from the unit that the homeowners reside in.

Qualified homeowners would be eligible for a forgivable loan covering 50% of construction costs for installing a new secondary suite or ADU, up to $40,000.

  •  The loan will be available in the form of costs rebated to the owner after construction is complete and an occupancy permit is issued.
  • The loan will be forgiven if the homeowner meets certain conditions, including renting the unit at below-market rates, as specified in the program criteria, for a minimum of five years.

More information about SSIP can be found on BC Housing’s website( which includes an option to sign up for emailed updates.


Are you looking to upgrade your man cave? Or wondering what to do with that spare bedroom? Look no further! Keep reading to check out my man cave must-haves. With everyone spending more time at home than usual, creating a place where you are able to relax and unwind is more needed now than ever before.

Whether your a sports guru, gamer, movie junkie, or just love to relax with a cold drink at the end of a long day, your man cave is the perfect place to unwind. The men over at Man Cave Day recommend starting the planning of your mancave around a theme. Some popular man cave themes are Retro, Modern, Gameroom, Sports, Bar, and Music. Once you choose a central theme it will make designing easier.

The most popular, and in my opinion important part of any man cave is the TV - and I think we can all agree the bigger the TV the better! The men over at Improvnet agree it’s the perfect place to watch Sunday football with your buddies (or immediate household considering our current condition).

Photo: HGTV

Comfortable seating is the next must-have in my books. Leather sofas are a great touch as they add a comfortable touch with the added bonus of being easy to clean. Family Handyman recommends when possible, putting seating against walls or using the space behind your gaming chairs for storage or display tables, and keeping the center space as open as possible.

Photo: Jet Setter

Next up - let's discuss a bar area. A bar is a great addition to any man cave, if your room isn’t big enough for a full bar, try adding a bar cart. Here's a sample of an industrial style bar cart I think would go nicely in any space:

Photo: Audaciously

For more inspiration on decorating your mancave check out these 35 stylish mancaves.

I hope these tips were helpful - if you're thinking of upsizing and are hoping to score a home that has enough space to create your perfect man cave, contact me!


Thinking of adding a simple update to your home? Whether you’re looking to retile your backsplash, or wanting to add a tiled element to your staircase, tile is a great way to incorporate design and colour into your home.

The type of tile you use for a project can be dependent on many factors, two of the most important things to consider before picking your tile are your budget as tile costs can range from $2 per square foot to $40+ per square foot and the location (ie. will it be getting wet? is it in a high traffic area? is it going on the floor (slip-resistant) or wall?).

Let's dive into the different type of tile:

Wendy Rose Gould From Real Simple rates ceramic and porcelain as the two most popular tiles because of their durability and styles, as such they are the most ideal tile for high traffic areas. 

Ceramic tile is extremely durable making it great for high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, it is also very easy to install making it a favourite for DIYers.  

Porcelain tile on the other hand is a little trickier to install but does offer a much more natural look. Gould interviewed Tony Castellano, a senior merchant for home depot, who said "the appeal of porcelain comes from its ability to emulate natural stone, brick, or wood—and without any of the maintenance,”

Mosaic tiles are tiles that measure under 2 inches in both length and width according to home stratosphere, and are popular for backsplash, and small rooms. Due to their small size, they are often used to create patterns and can be great as a feature.  

Granite Tiles are another great high traffic tile as its made from dense and hard igneous rock and come in a wide range of colours and styles. As they are a natural product, the veining and speckles can vary. Granite tiles are a great alternative to marble as it comes at a much lower price point!

For low-traffic areas, you can opt to use other materials such as marble, cement and natural stones - but keep in mind, these materials do require more upkeep. 

Marble is one of the most elegant materials and comes with a much higher price tag. Since the material is more porous than others, marble requires more upkeep and is more susceptible to screeching and staining.  

Natural stones such as limestone and travertine are great for lower traffic areas as they are more susceptible to cracking. These types of stone work well for feature walls and fireplaces but should be kept away from water as they are porous and can stain, as explained by Real Simple.

If you're planning on installing your own tile, check out this video on how to install tile and make sure you do your research beforehand as different tile require different adhesives and applications.  

Now that we’ve discussed how to choose your next tile, check out some of these awesome ways to add tile into your home.  


A fireplace is the centrepiece of the room, and what better way to make it stand out than with tile. Whether you’re looking for a sleek modern look or a rustic natural look, tiling your fireplace is a great way to make it stand out.  

Photo: Chase Daniel

Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash is a great way to add finishing touches to your kitchen. Mosaics are a great option here as they add lots of character!

Photo: Wallpops


Showers require tiling, but why not use this as an opportunity to add a wow factor to your bathroom by using a herringbone pattern to make it shine. 

Photo: Mckimm


Adding tile to your staircase is a great way to instantly add character to each step. I love the antique tiling on this staircase.  

Photo: Hello Lovely Studio

To check out more ways to incorporate tile into your home, click here or contact me!

Thinking of doing some home upgrades this year? Why not start by updating your bathroom? There are so many reasons to renovate a bathroom, whether your bathroom simply needs a new look, you’re seeking more storage space, or you're looking to add value to your home. 

Updating your bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. Changing out your vanity or shower, or even adding a fresh coat of paint are great ways to upgrade your space without spending a fortune.

If your interested in learning about current bathroom trends, keep reading to see which bathroom styles are expected to be popular this year.

Minimal Design

Your bathroom is meant to feel like a place of solace and calm, and the new minimal design trend is all about making you feel as though your spending a relaxing day at the spa. To achieve this look, aim to reduce clutter or bulky and intrinsic bathroom fixtures.

Designer Jackie Di Cara tells House & Home to achieve this look by skipping handles on vanity millwork to add a sleeker look to your bathroom. 

Image courtesy of House & Home

Floating Vanities

Floating Vanities have been trending for a few years, and don’t appear to be going anywhere soon. A floating vanity is a great idea for a bathroom that is on the smaller side as it makes the room feel bigger - a big perk for us Vancouverites who are sometimes strapped for space in our homes.  

Image courtesy of Adore Magazine

Gold Fixtures

Adding gold fixtures to your bathroom is a great way to add warmth and elegance. Bathrooms have a tendency to come across as sterile, so adding a touch of gold is a great way to warm it up. You can add gold through fixtures like vanity lighting, towel hooks, faucets and showerheads.  

Image Courtesy of Loughlin furniture

Vessel Sinks

A vessel sink is a sink that sits on top of the bathroom counter, as opposed to sunken in. One of the best things about Vessel Sinks is that they don’t take away from the storage underneath and allow for more streamlined plumbing.  Pairing a Vessel Sink with a wall-mounted faucet is a great way to add a statement to your bathroom. 

Image courtesy of Mandarin Stone

Natural Elements

Designers are predicting a turn towards organic, natural bathroom designs. Massimo Ballucchi, executive director of marketing for Cosentino Americas explains in  Better Homes and Gardens “As we move into organic trends, we will soon see more mixing of elements, such as Silestone that imitates the look of marble or cement paired with natural wood,” says Ballucchi.

The idea behind including natural elements in bathrooms draws on the minimalistic design, creating a soothing space that brings nature inside. In addition to using natural stone, cement and wood elements, adding greenery is another great way to achieve this look. 

Image Courtesy of Studio Ezra

Backlit Mirrors

Changing a mirror is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of enhancing a bathroom. Linda Lang, senior staff designer at Robern states in Better Homes and Gardens that opting for “Backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets are an exceptional choice for modern bathroom design,”. A backlit mirror is a great design choice as it is both functional and beautiful. A backlit mirror makes ideal lighting for applying makeup. 

Image courtesy of Contemporist

I hope these updates on bathroom design trends are helpful if you're thinking of making a few changes in your home. Should you be looking to purchase a new home with updated bathroom spaces, don't hestiate to contact me!


While we all spend more time in our households, redecorating may just be the perfect 2021 goal to get the new year started. Here are my top tips when it comes to home decor goals for 2021.

Up your home office game


Photo: West Elm

While many people transition to working full time from home, upping your home office game will provide a more comfortable, clean, and organized feel to your space. Easy tweaks such as adding paintings, shelving, or storage space for filing/paperwork can make a huge difference to your home office.

Add in more greenery

Incorporating household plants into your decor can help refresh your air and brighten your day. As HGTV explains, a few easy-to-care-for indoor plants in a beautiful textured stoneware pot will do the trick. For example, this Bloomingville Stoneware pot with raised polka dots can be purchase from Amazon, and can really bring in some style to your green spaces.


Photo: Amazon Canada

Out with the all-white

As Insider predicts, the age of minimalistic, all-white interiors may be coming to an end in the new year. If you're thinking of repainting your bedroom or any space in your home, keep this in mind!


Photo: Getty Images

"For a few years now, we've been making everything from walls to countertops bright white," she told Insider. "Next year, I predict people will return to creating visual interest through colour.” Those looking to give their all-white interiors more pizzazz without adding bright colours can try combining different light-coloured patterns and textures.

The “grandmillenial” look may be in!


Goerzen has described the rising "grandmillennial" trend as a modern revival of homey design elements that you might find in your grandparents' home. This means we can expect to see more vintage touches throughout home design in 2021 in order to bring more comfort and tradition into households. After all, a cozy home sounds ideal as we are all spending so much more at home. This is something we may see a lot of very soon.

Do you already have an idea of what designs you'll be incorporating into your home in the new year? Have any tips? Let us know what they are on our latest Instagram post!


We are all playing our part in staying indoors to help keep our friends, family, and community safe. And as the weather is getting colder, and Christmas nearer, what better time to stay inside and get crafty!

If you’re looking for some easy, low-cost DIY activities to keep you and your family entertained this festive season, read below! 

Homemade Christmas Decor

Holiday decor can often be costly, and for something that’s only on show for a month or so a year, you may prefer to opt for the less expensive DIY route. It’s a great way to spend time with family, plus - homemade decorations always end up being the ones that mean the most. 

Like these adorable Wooden Bead Snowman Christmas tree ornaments. 

I love the Scandinavian feel of these Glass Floating Signs, you can pretty much do this with things you have laying around the house already. If you don’t happen to have extra photo frames laying around, head to your local thrift store. This project would look great with some antique-style frames! 

And Christmas decorating is never complete without a wreath! This Modern Hoop Wreath will be sure to make your front door stand out! And bonus, it only takes 10 minutes to make! 

Homemade Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

As we unfortunately are not be able to spend this Christmas with our usual friend and family groups, making homemade Christmas presents is a great way to show just how much you love and appreciate everyone. Here are a few ideas that will definitely leave your friends and family impressed. 

These homemade monogram mugs are a great stocking stuffer. And who doesn’t love an excuse to drink coffee!? 

Can anyone ever have too many tea towels? I don’t think so. These easy and affordable DIY tea towels are great for grandparents and other family members. Kids will love getting creative for this activity too.

Christmas Baking

Christmas is the best excuse in the book to indulge yourself in homemade baked goods and delicious warm drinks, and these recipes are no exception.

Is it really Christmas without some Homemade Ginger Bread Men? These gingerbread men are so tasty, and it makes a great activity for the whole household.  Whether you eat them all yourself or gift them to your loved ones. This recipe is a must-try! 

Hot Chocolate Bombs seem to be the new trend, and for good reason! Who doesn’t want more chocolate in their hot chocolate? These Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs look fun to make and the end result is fantastic!

If I had to choose one sweet that perfectly captures the Christmas spirit, it would be a fruit cake.  

This Apricot Walnut Fruit Cake Recipe is perfect for the Christmas season. 

Christmas Photos

This year is a great time to do an at-home Christmas photoshoot. As many of us are trying to stay indoors, and won’t be heading to the mall for our annual Christmas photos, it’s a great time to up your photography game! These photos would be great for Christmas cards, or as gifts for grandparents and family. Check out this tutorial on how to take awesome Christmas photos at home like a pro! 


Thinking about purchasing a new place to call home but not sure what you're looking for? Buying a condo may be the right decision for you. 

Untitled design-34.png

Read below to find out why!


Buying a house is an expensive feat in itself, not to mention the maintenance and upkeep that you are solely responsible for, and not only are we talking about the financial maintenance, mowing lawns, trimming the garden and maintaining the leaves can all take up lots of time. When you buy into a condo, these tedious tasks are often outsourced and handled by a strata board. The monthly strata fees build a reserve which is great for when unexpected fees arise such as needing a new roof.


When looking at the price of a condo vs a townhouse or detached house, the price per square foot is often much less, making buying a condo a great idea for those who are still seeking space but don’t want the inflated price tag. Buying a condo is also a great idea for those who are wishing to downsize from their detached homes, leaving you with lots of extra cash for your retirement fund. 


Moving into a new neighbourhood can be an overwhelming experience, and many new homeowners have a hard time getting to know their neighbours and community. This is not an issue in apartment complexes. Being close to neighbours offers an instant sense of community and safety. 


If you are thinking of ways to invest, the North Vancouver real estate market is a great space to get into. The population of Vancouver continues to soar, and as such rental suites are a safe investment. 

If buying a condo feels like it may be the right decision for you, get in contact with me! Currently, there is a large variety of condos on the market in the Greater Vancouver area. Whatever you are looking for, right now is your best chance to find it. 

Information for this blog was sourced from For Sale Guides.


When you think of historical buildings and architecture you may not necessarily think of Vancouver. Our beautiful city usually gets all its praise from the breathtaking views, beautiful seasons, and outdoor activities. However, what many aren’t aware of are the timeless historical buildings that are scattered throughout our wonderful city - both used for residental and commercial purposes.

Check out these gorgeous buildings and their historical stories. 

Aberdeen Block
Photo Courtesy: Real Estate North Shore

Photo Courtesy: Clive Steve Paul

The Aberdeen Block is a three-storey Edwardian era brick and sandstone building, located in the commercial district of Lower Lonsdale. The historic place is confined to the footprint of the building. As Canada's Historic Places explains, the heritage value of the Aberdeen Block is associated with its location in Lower Lonsdale, the commercial core of North Vancouver, and the earliest, most historic area of commercial buildings on the North Shore of Burrard Inlet. Lower Lonsdale grew explosively from the turn of the twentieth century until the general financial depression in 1913 halted the ambitious construction of the previous years. The streetcar, ferry to Vancouver and the Pacific Great Eastern railway converged at the south foot of Lonsdale Avenue, the major transportation hub on the North Shore. The area represents a formative period in B.C.'s economy, driven at the time by major industries including logging and shipbuilding.

The Orpheum theatre

Image courtesy of  Vancouver Is Awesome 

The Orpheum Theatre was built in 1927, and underwent a renovation in 1970 and was later recognized as a national historic site. The building as it stands today is home to the Vancouver Orchestra and is one of the most sought after venues for musicians, musicals, and theatrical events.  

Broch House

Image courtesy of Wedding Wire

Located on a stunning waterfront property, Brock House was built as a private residence in 1912. It was later sold to the Federal Government who used it as RCMP quarters. It is now home to a prestigious restaurant, which has become one of Vancouver’s most sought after wedding destinations, with its guests coming from around the globe. Information gathered from Brock House Restaurant

Christ Church Cathedral 

Image courtesy of earlymusic

Christ Church Cathedral is the oldest surviving building in Downtown Vancouver, with the building commencing in 1889. It is listed as a Class A heritage building in the city of Vancouver. Today the church is visited by both locals and tourists and is a place for all people to gather for sermons. Information gathered from the Cathedral.

Heritage Hall

Image courtesy of Heritage Hall

Although there are many theories as to what purpose Heritage Hall was build for, from city hall, to church, and even a castle, one thing is for sure - this ornate building is stunning. The structure was build in 1915 and was later used as a Postal office. It was deemed a heritage structure by the city of Vancouver in 1974 and has since been used as a venue for weddings, galas, and non-profit organization events. 

Information provided by Heritage Hall.

Take some time to stroll by the historical sites of our beautiful city this weekend!


Are you looking for a way to keep active over the colder months?

Untitled design-10.png

Hiking is a great way to keep active, safely socialize with friends, and explore some of the beautiful areas in which we live. If you’re interested in exploring some of the North Shore mountains, read below for my favourite hikes, tips, and equipment.

If you are looking for a hike that is dog friendly and ends with a breathtaking waterfall then I recommend checking out Norvan Falls. This hike is rated for intermediate hikers and has a rough duration of 5 hours there and back so be sure to pack lunch and lots of water! 

Dog Mountain is another great North Shore hike. During the colder months this snowy wonderland is filled with snowshoers, and people of all ages and hiking abilities. This easy hike can be done in two hours and offers some of the best views of the surrounding mountains, Howe sound and Vancouver City skyline. As the name suggests, this trail is a favourite for those wanting to give their furry friends an adventure.  

Cypress mountain is home to some of the most picturesque hiking in Vancouver, my favourite hike on Cypress is Bowen Lookout. I love this one because it can be done year-round, with the addition of some winter gear. It can also be completed in an hour and a half making it the perfect way to start your morning, or end your day. If you're interested in doing this hike through the Winter months, be sure to visit the Black Mountain Lodge on Cypress mountain to register your hike and receive a free BAC tag that is required to hike on cypress.

If you are looking for an easy stroll through a mostly built path, my suggestion is visiting Twin Falls in Lynn Canyon. This walk is great to decompress after a long day or to catch up with friends during relaxing stroll. Please be aware that the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is currently closed, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t still access this beautiful walk. You can access Twin Falls from a trailhead that is located just below the Ecological Centre. Check out the map on trails here

Hiking is a great way to get in touch with nature and relax, however it is extremely important to ensure that you have the proper equipment and information before taking off on your adventure. If you are hiking during colder months, always check to see what the conditions are in the area, including Avalanch conditions. This will also help you identify what type of equipment you will need on your hike.

Here are some things you should always carry on any Winter hike:

Ice cleats or spikes are a great investment if you plan on hiking during the icy weather, they pack small so they're a great idea to have in your backpack at all times. 

Snowshoes are necessary for most Winter hikes on the North Shore.  

A Headlamp is one of the most important things to pack on any hike, especially during the darker months where the sun goes down early. 

Trail Maps are a great backup if you happen to lose sight of the trail you are following. This North Shore Trail Map is great as it includes every hike and trail on the North Shore.  

Extra Layers are essential when hiking. The North Shore is notorious for the weather changing on a dime, so it's important to be prepared for all the elements! 

Water and food are a no-brainer but ensuring you pack enough is crucial in the case of an emergency. Pack foods such as granola bars, nuts, dried fruits, and canned tuna, especially on more challenging hikes. It’s also very important to ensure you have enough water to last if necessary.

Lastly, it is so important to tell friends or family members where you're planning on hiking to and what time they should expect you to be done or to hear from you. Always make sure someone is aware of your plans in the case of an emergency. I hope you enjoy the beautiful North Shore mountains as much as I do! 


If you're thinking about renovating your kitchen, it's good to know what has been trending this past year, as well as what trends are to come in 2021.

As Homes & Gardens explains, this year we've seen a lot of strongly veined marble, the busier the better for unmissable luxury - a trend we have seen in many new builds across Vancouver. 

Photo: Blakes London 

We've also seen a lot of changes in terms of cabinetary and accents. As Homes & Gardens further explains, there has been an increase in sales of glazed cupboards and open shelving, following a growing demand for kitchens designed to have a more ‘curated’ look.

Photo: British Standard 

Another major kitchen trend we saw in 2020 was the resurrangance of wallpaper! 


Photo: Annie Schlechter

If you’re thinking of adding wallpaper to your home but are scared about the permanency, try something a little less permenant! As Country Living explains, there are plenty of peel-and-stick papers in trendy designs that are incredibly easy to install and remove. They suggest opting for a graphic design that mimics the look of tile, a trend we're likely going to see even more of in 2021.

Now in terms of colouring, as you know the all white, clean kitchen has been in style for many years. In 2020 however we saw some changes by home owners dipping their toes in a bit of colour around the home and in the kitchen specifically to bring a little more life into the space. We think this trend will be sticking throughout 2021 as home owners transition to more time at home and therefore crave more cozy and inviting spaces.

Through this past year we also saw an incline when it came to technology in the kitchen. We are seeing more and more sophisticated appliances and think that as we enter 2021, there will be even more technology upgrades built into new kitchen spaces - from taps to refrigerators, lighitng, and so much more.

Photo: In Decor Trends

As In Decor Trends explains, 'this transendence into smart kitchens is an evolutionary aspect of design. In fact, many kitchens today are intelligently built from scratch. For older kitchens, sensors, smart devices, and other devices can be added for the owner’s convenience." If you're thinking of adding upgrades to your kitchen, I'd defintely recommend looking more into smart kitchens and finding out how you can incorporate this innovative new design to your home in the upcoming year.

If you have any questions on how redesigning your kitchen will affect resale value in 2021, let's chat! Contact me at


Thinking of adding a coach house to your property? Or want to know more about coach houses in Vancouver? Read below to find out why they are so popular in Vancouver right now!

Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 12.46.42 PM.png


As the prices of detached houses rise in Vancouver, the idea of living in a suburban neighbourhood may feel unattainable for some families, this is why coach houses have become so popular. Coach houses, also known as Laneway houses in Vancouver, are smaller detached houses that are located in the backyard or on the back laneway of the primary house lot. They are a form or rental housing and are not permitted to be sold on their own. Coach houses are a great option to increase diversity in single-family neighbourhoods and can be a great fit for all ages and incomes.

If you're thinking of Building a Coach house, here are some things you should know! 

Building a coach house is a great way to add value to your home and create an additional rental income stream. It is also a great idea if you have family or friends staying with you.

If you’re thinking about building a coach home on your lot, the first thing to do is check your local municipality guidelines on laneway or coach houses. For health and safety reasons, each municipality has specific requirements, the most important one is making sure your lot is big enough. Due to the increased popularity, many local businesses specialize in building your dream coach house, and who are experts on all the restrictions and guidelines for each zone. Working with a local expert is a great way to make sure your dream coach house project runs smoothly!

Looking to rent a coach house? Here’s why it may be perfect for your family! 

If you have a small family and are looking for a suburban environment, renting a coach house may be a fantastic option for you. Renting these homes gives you the feel of renting your own detached house, without the full costs. It also allows families to live in desired neighbourhoods close to schools, shops, parks and much more. These rental options are also great for senior citizens looking to downsize but still wanting to feel as though they're in a detached home.

Interested in buying or selling a home with a coach house? Get in contact with me today, let's discuss your options!


Thinking of moving to Edgemont, North Vancouver? Edgemont is a highly sought-after home destination for many reasons. It is home to beautiful restaurants, coffee shops, boutique's and much more, giving you no reason to ever want to leave!
Here are some of my favourite things about living in Edgemont Village:


Untitled design-75.png

Edgemont Village is nestled amongst North Vancouver's beautiful mountains, meaning you are mere minutes from world-renowned hiking and mountain activities, like skiing, snowshoeing, ziplining, and mountain biking!
Here are some great hikes that could be at your fingertips!
- The Grouse Grind
- Crown Mountain
- Goat Mountain

Family-Friendly Activities


Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Living in Edgemont means having activities for everyone in your family. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a community favourite that could be right at your doorstep. The Capilano Suspension Bridge provides year-round activities for you and your family such as the Christmas lights, treetop adventures, and of course the famous suspension bridge.
Edgemont Blvd is always a vibrant and exciting street that often hosts family-friendly community events such as Halloween trick or treating, Easter Egg Hunts, the Summer Concert series and Cruise the Shore for LGH.

Restaurants and Cafes


Bufala Fine Italian Food

This fantastic neighbourhood is filled with great cafes and dining options! You can take a stroll through Edgemont Village, grab a hot cup of coffee, and sit on one of the many benches throughout the village to soak in the mountain views. 
As for dining spots, whether you’re looking to have a romantic dinner, or a family pizza night, there’s a variety of restaurants for you to choose from! Click here to check out some of the restaurants in Edgemont.

Convenience and Services


North Shore News

The Village is home to a wide array of services to add convenience to your day to day life. These include a Thrifty's grocery store, TD and RBC Banks, Travel agency, insurance agency, Dentist and fitness studios.

Interested in making a move to this sought after neighbourhood? I have a new listing at 2535 Edgemont Boulevard that you will love!




This tastefully renovated and elegantly inviting family home is set on a private lot just steps to Edgemont Village and walking distance to good schools. 4 bedrooms up including a gorgeous master with full ensuite. The great room style kitchen, eating area and living room has vaulted ceilings and is ideal for entertaining!

There are steps down to a lovely family room with cozy gas fireplace perfect for family fun plus a huge downstairs recreation room and tonnes of storage. The private back yard is an ideal retreat for family relaxation and there is a great garden storage shed too. There is even suite potential!

Get in contact with me now to learn more about this listing, and to set up your private viewing.
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